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What is the Northern Ireland Raspberry Jam?

The Northern Ireland Raspberry Jam is a programme of free, regular and family friendly events, aimed at providing attendees the opportunity to get hands on with coding and electronics, in a fun and practical setting.
These events, known as "Raspberry Jams", are organised and led by a group of 40+ passionate volunteers from across Northern Ireland, who come together to pull off the largest regular coding programme in Northern Ireland, for people of all ages.

Sounds Cool! What now?

Then Northern Ireland Raspberry Jam takes place in typically on the second Saturday of every month in school terms. It takes place in the Maths & Physics Teaching Centre at Queen's University.
Each event is ticketed due to numbers, but tickets are free! You can grab tickets here.

Our Trustees

The Northern Ireland Raspberry Jam is a not for profit, unincorporated association with members and an elected board of trustees, shown below, who assist in the running of the organisation.

The Northern Ireland Raspberry Jam is registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC107983.

You can view the organisation annual report and accounts below:

Sam Stuart


Claire Mulholland


Jack Delaney


James Matchett


Hannah McMullan


James Dougan


Abbie Welch



Answers to frequently asked questions by new parents and children attending NI Raspberry Jam.

Is there an age requirement?

Anyone between the ages of 6 - 106 are welcome to come along and partake in workshops. The primary target audience though for us is young people.

When is NI Raspberry Jam held?

NI Raspberry Jam sessions are typically held on the second or third Saturday of every month, but be sure to check out our eventbrite page to see upcoming events. Jams run from 1pm - 5pm, with 3 workshop slots within that time.

What does NI Raspberry Jam cost?

100%, absolutely free! Many Raspberry Jams, our's included, are free of any charge. The only thing we require is your time and attention for a few hours. Please note that some of our workshops may allow you to purchase your creation to take home, to cover the cost of materials.

Do you teach a set course? What will my child learn?

Every NI Raspberry Jam is different! We run a whole series of workshops, many written by our team of volunteers. With a catalog of over 60 workshops to date, you certainly won't be bored! You can see the workshop schedule for the coming Jam here.

How many attendees are at each event?

Right now, most of our Jams have 100-150 attendees, with many running with a waiting list.

Does my child need to already know how to code?

Not at all! Every one of our events has newcomers, so we always have a programme of workshops running specifically fo them. It is better, albeit not required, if your child has basic computer literacy: navigating the file system, browsing the web, and writing an email.

Do I have to stay at the Jam with my child?

In general yes. We are really keen to get parents hands on with their kids at the Jams. Young people aged 16+ can attend without a parent though, but those under 18 do require leaving emergency contact details with the front desk.

What should I bring?

All you need to bring is yourself! We provide all the equipment (including computers/Raspberry Pis). Unless you need help setting up your Raspberry Pi, we actually recommend leaving it at home, to avoid it getting mixed up with our equipment. We will also have some sugary treats at the break as well.

Should I bring snacks?

This is up to you. Do keep in mind though the university doesn't permit eating/drinking in any of the labs, but you can eat/drink downstairs in the foyer.

Do I need to buy tickets? How do I register?

You *must* have tickets to attend one of our Raspberry Jams. All our tickets are free, but each person in the building must hold one of these tickets. This is to make sure we don't exceed the max numbers we can run with. You can grab tickets at the bottom of this page.

Can I start a Jam in my community?

Of course! We recommend you check out the Official Raspberry Jam Guidebook as a first base.

My child has a additional social, emotional or learning needs, what should I do?

In the first case, please drop us a quick email using the button below. We can then advise on which of our programmes we feel would be most suitable. It may also be possible for us to make some specific adjustments to our programmes to make them more accessible or provide additional 1 on 1 support if provided with sufficient notice.

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